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Hire Santa Claus Big Ron to come to your Central Florida Events.
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Santa Claus Big Ron

Santa Claus Resume

Santa Claus Big Ron is a professional Santa Claus with over 15 years of experience and professional training. Prior to becoming a professional Santa Claus in retirement, Big Ron worked for thirty years for the Walt Disney World Resort providing customer service and guest relations in the security department where he developed his excellent public relations and people skills.


Santa Big Ron is a notary of the republic and can perform wedding ceremonies, is a licensed security guard, and holds certificates of training from four Santa Claus colleges and training centers.


Hire Sana Big Ron for your holiday party and events year-round to appear as Santa Claus.


Santa Claus Education


International University of Santa Claus

Santa Claus Big Ron attended three years of the International University of Santa Claus earning a Master Degree in Santa Claus from renowned Hall of Fame Santa Claus instructor Timothy Connaghan. 


St Nicholas Institute

Graduated from the St Nicholas Institute in Detroit, Michigan. The St Nicholas Institute provides professional Santa Claus training and education in the history and practices of St Nicholas. Santa Claus Big Ron participated in workshops that provided professional improvisation acting training from television and stage actress Katrina Ganey and workshops lead by Fr. Joseph Marquis, Santa Claus Hall of Fame member and emmy winning Santa Claus.


Santa Claus Makeup School

Graduated with a diploma in Santa Claus Makeup for High Definition Cameras and Television.


Palm Tree Santas Summer Workshop

Attended a two-day workshop in Professional Santa Claus Training, including a seminar on being in Parades. 

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