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About Famous Wolek Moustaches

The world’s greatest place to get professional facial hair pieces. 

Weese got any hair color you want!

All hair products are sold in standard brown, blond, black, and gray hair color options on the online store, but WEESE got every natural color under the rainbow and not just the colors on displayy.


There are 23 blends of hair color you can choose from. If you would like any otehr varient of hair color, choose from THIS chart and contact us with your custom request.



You can use Famous Wolek  for

Theatre!  Film!  TV!

Haunted  Attractions!  Theme Parks!  Audio Animatronics! Cirque! Cruise Ships! Parades!  


The Famous Woleks

They have been providing the world’s greatest wigs for three generations. Thanks to cyberspace, we will now sell the famous moustaches to anyone and anywhere!


The Wolek’s have been in the hair and wig industry for three generations and are always known for being on the cutting edge. That’s what gives us the barber’s razor’s edge over our competition. READ MORE about the family.


Most wig stylists are still using ancient 16th century techniques and we have surpassed those fellows by bringing the 21 century to wig styling. For example, this awesome website! Nobody has one like us! So expect quick and historic acorately service.


*** If you really want us, we'll use slow 16th century techniques too if you need to be THAT authentic. After three grenerations in this business, we know the old fashion ways too.


We Are  Liscenced!

That's right, we've been offically licensed as cosmetoloists and barbers, and prefer to only hire licesned professionals to help us with our products.  We've got certifictes from three states!


Just ask the other wig people you come across, you'll be suprised they are normally not licensed and fall into the industry from all corners of life. Normally from night clubs and want a lot more money to support their needs.


But not us! were licensed! Have high sanitation standards! and we're squeeky clean! no criminal record! We dont have expensive habbits or lifestyles, so we are always super happy to give a fair deal; so bargain with us please, friends!




Everyone is growing moustaches these days!  It's in ALL THE NEW Hip Magazines! 

SOME people cant grow it,

THATS were we come in.  

We'll change the look of your face,  make you look more distinguished, get the look of authrity








We're the largest fake moustache store online! You name it and we will create it! Any moustache style known to man can be put on your face when you choose Wolek. After a few clicks of a mouse or with tap of your fingure, you can own a Famous Wolek.


feel EXOTIC  with your  new...

chest hair! soul patch!  merkin! side burns! mutton chops!  eye brow! and  MORE!


Famous Wolek's Moustache Parlour, would not claim to be the world's greatest without providing you with extra masculine chest hair, side burns. mousches, or merkins.


ATTN Costume Designers!

Don't want to deal with your fussy emotional wig man? Look no further! We make designing period costumes easy. Just browse and pick out what you need...or give us a call or upload your sketches! We'll add the final touches to your design with Famous Wolek hair pieces. BEFORE the deadline! 

NEED wigs TOO?!

We also are approved wholesale vendors for all major Wig Brands...or hey, we can make you a hand made one too if you want that. Just call 407-792-2605 and request a consultation from our secretary.


People LOVE Wolek's Famous

See testimonials from professionals and clients from all over the place by visiting this LINK.


Here's what Daniel Moore, IATSE wig stylist from Michigan had to say when he saw a Famous Wolek:


"Having worked professionally with any number of facial hair for live theatre shows, I can say that I am impressed with the workmanship and the subtlety of (Wolek's Famous) product. It is better than anything I am currently using . Something I hope to change soon" - 6/14/2015 Daniel Moore, Lansing, MI

World Wide

With the opening of, we now operate world wide since 2011! Our first satisfied online customer ever was in Korea!


Our Moustaches are for Anyone

Our 2nd ever customer was a Lady! She was a pretty lady too!


All Moustaches are sold  -AS IS-

All hair pieces come AS IS for you to cut and shape as you choose. 


If you would like to us to style your 'stache before shipping, of course we will! Just make sure you visit the services section of the shop and add the styling of your choice to your shoping cart.


All products pictured on the site were trimmed and styled for the model by Ron Wolek.


100% Human Hair!  But what if you dont want that?

All of the hair piece products are 100% human hair whiskers. Make a custom request if you would like yak hair, synethic hair, or anything else but monkey hair. We hate monkey hair. 


Hand Tied!  

The moustaches and hair products are all hand tied, hair by hair for realistic hair follicle apeal.


All  Lace!

Our hair pieces are also made with fancy hollywood french lace.


There is more lace too; so to request other types of lace tell us what your needs are in the custom section.

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