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*This book is currently out of print... remaining copies have been moved to Amazon. You may order one at


Santa Claus Makeup, How to Look Like St. Nicholas, Father Christmas, and Kris Kringle is a detailed makeup instructions in a 4 chapter manual for Santa Claus.


Chapter 1: Janet Wolek's Santa Makeup Design

Chapter 2: Mrs. Claus and Santa Special Effects Makeup

Chapter 3: Hollywood Makeup Tricks

Chapter 4: Shopping and caring for Santa wigs


Included forewords by International Santa Hall of Fame Inductee Father Joseph Marquis; also director of the St Nicholas Insitute, a prolouge by Director Alan Bruun, a afterword by Professional Santa School instructor Rick Rosenthal from Northern Lights Santa Academy, and contributions from Charles Porlier, emmy winning makeup artist from The Santa Clause starring Tim Allen.

Santa Claus Makeup Book

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