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Short Miracle of 34th Street Style Yak Hair Lace Mustache and Beard. 


Yak hair Santa Claus Beard, comes with a moustache. Hand tied on french lace. Yak hair is of high quality and at a very affordable price for this premium hair product. When you google online for Yak Hair Santa Claus beards you will find the prices to be between $600-$1,500.00. After many requests, we finally found a source for afforadble yak hair heards to bring to you. 


I have premade these beards for this Christmas season. They SHIP NOW! Styled and ready to go... only 25 are in stock for Christmas 2020. Typically I only make yak beards on request for custom orders, because the hair is expensive to procure. 


Professional Santa Claus preformers prefer yak hair because it holds hair styles for incredible amounts of time without needing to be restyled.  Professional Santas love that Yak hair also has a realistic whisker beard texture, so when children come in contact with it they are convinced it is real hair and are less inclined to pull on the beard. 


The beard is only availble in 5-10" lengths and can be customized in any style you please, with no extra charge. Ask about eyebrows for a additional $50.00. Please leave in notes if you would like any customization. Otherwise it is shipped as pictured at a length of 8-10 inches. 

Short Yak Hair Santa Claus Beard

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