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Wolek's Famous Beards in Circle Rules Football in Brooklyn NY

In the spirit on Hank's Aces, Wolek's Famous Moustache Parlour sponsored the Circle Rules Football team the Brookyln Bearded Meat.Here's what the league president, Gregory Manley; had to say:

"Ron made four full beards for my team in an annual tournament! They were meticulous crafted and transformed our faces beyond my wildest dreams! Ron worked with us to match our hair and personalize each beard's style. By the end of the day, the beards were filled with grass, dirt, and sweat, but they stuck to our faces through it all. Everybody was amazed. The tournament organizer's biggest regret of the day is that the photos were lost and we can only relive the experience in our memory. I'd happily work with him again!"

Visit to learn more abou the league.

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