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Wolek's Famous mourns the loss of Lois Killmore

Lois Killmore, matriarch of the Wolek hairdressing family business passed away peacefully on December 13, 2018 at age 91 in her home in Syracuse, New York surrounded by family. Predeceasing Lois was her daughter, wig designer Janet Wolek (1954-2014). Leaving her grandson Ronald Harold Wolek as the surviving member of the Wolek hairdressing legacy. Lois rose from poverty as a business women pioneering cosmetology and wig hair styling at Lois Beauty Cottage for 24 years of business in Syracuse, New York. She retired to the Orlando, Florida area in the nineties to help coach her daughter and grandson's successful career in the entertainment industry as hair and makeup designer before moving back to her hometown of Syracuse, New York.

Her obituary is posted at and can be read by clicking here.

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