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Advice on Ordering Custom Wigs

Hire Licensed: Don't listen to the naysayers who will tell you that being licensed doesnt matter. Well it DOES and for your top dollar, you should expect your wig maker to be licensed. For one, a licensed wig maker is sanitary and more able to create hair's natural appearence so you dont look like your wearing a wig.

Ever heard of the phrase "Look at that Rug!", when reffered to a wig? Thats because it probably was made by someone with a seamtress/tailor background who hand tied it hair-by-hair, like a "Rug". Don't get caught being confused with wearing a carpet on your head.

A licensed wig maker will take the care of making sure they tie the hair in directions that look natural and mimic real hair growth patterns.

Experience Mattters: Don't hire a recent graduate and pay top dollar. Recent graduates from a masters program in wig making are taught quickly how to make a wig, most of their teachers withhold the trade secrets and instruct them from a book of basic information. You will run the risk of your wig's hair falling out prematurely, because the recent graduate's knots are not strong enough. Wig making is a dieng art and quality skills can only be learned after years of hands on practice and can not be attaied overnight in a class room labortory.

Consult Famous Wolek today for a Free quote. They will pair you with a experienced wig maker with unbelievable credits in thatre, opera, and hollywood. Its a service we do to improve the market place and help our customers.

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